Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy NY

This year hasn’t been like years before where i have sat and thought about what my goals are for the year. I usually do that New years eve night as i sit on my couch by myself or with a friend and think through and ask myself “what do I want to accomplish this year”.

 As you can see I’m late just wishing everyone a Happy New Year! LOL!


I’ve been praying for the word that the Lord wants me to focus on this year. So I’ll be back to talk about that as soon as He reveals what that word is.

I know what i want to accomplish but i think where i fail with my goals is that i don’t plan out steps….write out a plan for those things so they don’t get done. The past few years i have said i was going to take the series 7 test (to get my brokers license) but i have allowed myself to talk myself out of that one. No more saying that i can not do it. I read this devotion a few days ago that said “don’t tell you’re self you can’t do something” when in the bible it states, (come on everyone with me know!) “i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13. I can do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING with HIM.

Two faults: I find myself being lazy about somethings so they don’t get accomplished. Secondly, I double or triple book myself and then I’m super busy, so by sunday’s i’m wiped out.

So a list of some of the goals for this year:

  1. I want to read more this year I have a stack of books that I need to read. More reading, less social media (it’s a time killer)
  2. Deeper relationship with God. How? More prayer and more time studying the bible.
  3. Take the series 7 test, pass it, get my brokers license and become more of an asset to the company i work for.
  4. Be prompt. I seem to only be early to church functions. LOL! Everything else i run late. That needs to change.
  5. Lose weight. Cliche…yes I know. But seriously! I need to get back to being toned. More hot yoga and some gym time in my future.
  6. Goes with five and I need to get out junk food from my diet. I have no care that I’m eating everything in sight and for a while there i was doing great. No cheese, keeping carbs under control, not as much bread, etc. Now I’m like Charlie sheen at a strip club with an open bar.  Ewww, wait… has it gotten that bad? I’ll be right back, i have to go repent. Sorry for the reference but that should make me get things in control real quick.  Salad and a water please. Thanks!
  7.  Everyone should have a Paul, Timothy and Barnabas. I have my Barnabas and my Paul, I need a Timothy. (Need to pray for a Tim).  “Your “Paul” is the mentor who pours his life and wisdom into your life, while your “Timothy” receives the same blessing from you and a Barnabas is a friend who challenges & invests in you……We should always be learning, teaching and loving.”  (We should be iron sharpening iron-Everyone Needs a Paul, a Timothy and a Barnabas.  -by Dave Ramsey )https://www.stewardshipcentral.org/posts/everyone-needs-a-paul-a-timothy-and-a-barnabas
  8. Write my testimony.
  9. Work on chipping away at my debt.
  10. Pray specifically for the preparation to be a wife and for my husband.
  11. Blog more!!

I think that’s it for now. I think that’s enough to keep me busy in 2018. If you have any goals you would like to share leave them in the comments below. I would love to hear what everyone else has in store for the up coming year.

Thanks for reading!

A dream and memory worth cherishing.

A dream and memory worth cherishing.

I have been thinking about the dream I had last week and I have to log it in my journal but I also wanted to share it. Lately, the thought of Jesus coming back for us has been on the forefront of my mind. I hear a lot of people say “He’s coming back soon!”, even though we don’t know the day or the hour we see what has been unfolding before our eyes and you can’t help but wonder is it soon?

So from what i still remember this is how it went down. LOL!

I was with my friend Ruby and another friend who at the moment i can not remember who it was and we were at an event. All of a sudden we hear a trumpet, we looked at each other (the building had an opening into the building, not really a door. More like a garage door size opening) and run out and look up into the sky and I see this….

Lion & the Lamb

I see the lion and the lamb in the sky. We start screaming in excitement “HE’S HERE, HE’S HERE!!!” Oh the excitement that filled our hearts because our king was finally here to take us home. It was strange we weren’t raptured immediately. But we knew to keep looking up and HE would be here, Jesus was coming to get us. Then the dream went on and can’t remember too much after that. The last thing i remember was we looked up and saw angels flying in the sky and  I think at that point we were raptured and I woke up.


I was going to save this for another blog entry but it will go well with this one. I remember when i first got saved at the age of 12 and I heard a message about the second coming of Christ and that HE would be coming on the clouds in His return to rapture His people. I specifically remember one night I was at my Nana’s (grandma) house and it was raining, lightning and thundering and i remember sitting at the window waiting, so scared that i would miss Him if He came back. I looked up into the Night sky as it lit up with every lightning strike, waiting for my saviour to come back. He has been placing that on my heart lately…..”Do you remember when you use to wait for me, are you doing that now?” Am i waiting longingly for Him like i once did? Time to sit by my window of my heart and wait for my Father longingly.

Waiting in the storm
Psalm 18:28-For it is you who light my lamp; the Lord my God lightens my darkness.

If there isn’t a more urgent time that time is now. Get to know HIM, He’s pretty amazing. He will love you no matter what, there is nothing you can do to lose that love and He will NEVER leave you or forsake you. It’s a decision you will never regret.

Diner En Blanc 2017

Diner En Blanc 2017



Diner en Blanc this year was fantastic! So much fun!

I decided to be a bus leader this year and let me tell you, it was a little stressful but SO much fun! The bus lead us to our secret location to Sandia Casino and Diner En Blanc was held on the top floor of the parking structure. The top of the parking structure you say…YES! And it was great! It was open, we got to witness a beautiful sunset and then see the beautiful bright moon light up the sky.


We ate, we danced and participated in the Diner en Blanc traditions which include a napkin wave and sparklers. I would say if you have never been to Diner en Blanc in your city…I highly recommend it. We had close to 1700 people this year at the location attending Diner en Blanc and it was such a fabulous time!


Here are some pictures to prove it! 🙂



My sister (the birthday girl) and I on the bus.
Le bus a diner en blanc- was the name of my bus. I went with a french name since that is the theme.
Musical entertainment during dinner
My friend Georgie and I
Time to light those sparklers- Diner en Blanc Tradition
It’s a celebration!!


A long time friend Ashley and I
Word for the year: Obedience

Word for the year: Obedience

Obedience 2

I started this as some know 3 years ago. Asking God at the end of every year, what the word for the following year needs to be for me to focus on. This year it’s Obedience. WOW! I mean being obedient to Christ is major. To love God is to be obedient. It’s what I have been hearing all year. Confirmation? I think so!

2 John 1:6-And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands. As you have heard from the beginning, his command is that you walk in love.                

Obedience is compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another’s authority.

Just recently I was in a situation where the Lord was calling me to be obedient but i wanted the situation I was in to work out so bad that I choose to be disobedient. It’s sad because I heard Him in different areas (church, bible study, He even was trying to reach me through social media) and I chose to turn the other way. About a month ago I reached the point of so much heartache, (which is what happens when you are choosing to try to live your own way and not in the will of God) that i just asked Him to take it and within 24 hours it was over. He is faithful and I’m grateful that he didn’t hand me over to my disobedience, he does tell us in His word….

Hebrews 13:5b-  For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

I am grateful for His faithfulness and for rescuing me when i can’t see straight and I have gotten myself in so deep i can’t seem to get myself out to breathe.

Time to do what I’m suppose to do and stay focused on the prize.  Not being distracted on other things that will take me off track from my walk with the savior.

      Obedience   Obedience 4



Look for God in everything

Look for God in everything

Just recently it was brought to my attention that instead of looking for the negative in everyday life events to start looking for God in everything.

So this may be a new series of blog posts.

Let me start with today…..

On my way to work this morning I’m at a stop light getting ready to turn to head on my short journey to work. As i’m at the stop light, my car starts to do this weird shake and then just dies. The battery light went on and car is dead. I immediately start panicking because i’m in a turning lane. I turn my emergency lights on right away and now THINK….THINK FAST. What do i do? Who do I call? So i post a facebook message and dear friend calls me and asks if i’m alright. In the mean time I’m being honked at, mind you my emergency lights are on, (insert “are you kidding me” face emoji here). In the mean time i had three gentleman stop and help. Long story short, it’s now 9:30 tow truck is on its way in about 45 mins. I’m sitting in my car with one of my besties that i have known since elementary school and we are just laughing and hanging out.

As i sit here and ponder the morning, by the grace of God my car staled out at a stop light, yeah it stinks i was in a turning lane getting honked at, LOL! But i think about the rest of my drive to work and glad it happened right there. I got to hang out with a friend while waiting and also I think about a financial decision i made yesterday, i could feel the decernment in me that I should hold off and not spend the money. Hmmmm….I wonder why? He is so good! I know my God love me and takes care of me and looks out for me. So in this day I see His protection, His provision and how HE directs my path.

Proverbs 3:6-In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.

This day is not over and so let’s see what else will go on.

To be continued……..


The disapparing act.

The disapparing act.

Just recently I experienced this and then found out so have a few of my girlfriends with men they have dated in the last few months. It must be a new thing. I’m confused so I was hoping to have some people enlighten me on the subject.

So when two people date and one decides they are no longer interested in that person do you just walk away without saying something? Do you disappear for a week or two, nothing said and wait for the person to contact you to ask what is going on? (which I think after two weeks of not much communication you know what’s going on. LOL!) Someone who likes you does not disappear for a period of time with cold silence. I mean you dated, hung out, saw one another and at one point liked one another, right? Unless you used them for a passtime or an ego booster. Even then don’t you think people should treat others with respect and say something? I mean a text, a post it, a pigeon, an “eff you” with a finger emoji would suffice. It would be something. But dead silence? I’m not with it, I personally think it’s ridiculous.

I know we are in a day and age where we hide behind our devices. It seems to be easier these days I agree. BUT am I being unreal by thinking that we should treat each other as friends (especially if we started off that way) or as human beings?

So here is where I would like some insight from my audience. Ladies and Gents, singles or married,  I welcome a response from all. Please remember we are all adults and in your answers let’s be respectful. I want your insight on the subject.  I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you beautiful people!




Alphabet Praise-G is for…

Alphabet Praise-G is for…



Great-notably large in size. remarkable in magnitude, degree, or effectiveness. chief or preeminent over others —often used in titles (Our great God)

Glorified-to honor or praise. to give glory to (as in worship). to light up brilliantly

Good-of high quality. that can be relied on. of the highest worth or reliability

Glorious-possessing or deserving glory. marked by great beauty or splendor.  delightful, wonderful.

Gracious-merciful, compassionate

Gentleman-a chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man. a man who treats other people in a proper and polite way. a man whose conduct conforms to a high standard of propriety or correct behavior.